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  • What to look for in a Kennel
    It is incredibly important to us that you see the kennel and are comfortable, as a result we strongly encourage any new customers to come visit the kennel and see it as we do. If it is a good fit for you and your pup and we are accepting new customers, we'll have an intake form on hand for you to take home and fill out. Regardless of which kennel you choose, please be sure you: 1. Interview over the phone and in person 2. Meet the staff 3. Know the hours 4. Discuss feeding and medical schedules 5. Discuss behavioral or temperamental concerns 6. Discuss emergency instructions 7. Ensure they are Licensed and Insured We understand that finding a home away from home from your family member can be difficult, and so we encourage you to visit as many kennels as possible to make sure we're the right fit for you.
  • Are you currently taking new customers?
    Yes, we are currently accepting new customers.
  • Why should we stay at Til Mar?
    We are here to serve our community's canines because we want to be! This isn't a means to an end, or a stepping stone to other opportunities for us. This IS what we love. Til Mar has been a privately owned kennel since it began in 1973, and will continue to serve Homer Glen and the surrounding area's pups with the same passionate care that we're known for. We treat each dog as our own, and always strive to make this your pet's favorite home away from home.
  • What does a normal day look like for my dog?
    First thing in the morning, the pups' kennel doors are opened so they can go outside while cleaning is done and breakfast is prepared. Once breakfast has been served, your pup is allowed some time to settle and digest while cleaning is completed outside. Weather permitting, kennel doors will be left open so they can come and go as they please throughout the morning. At the same time pups are Brought out into the yard one family at a time to get some exercise and fun in the sun. Throughout the afternoon and finally in the evening we go through the same process before lights off with some ambient noise and night time music.
  • Do you charge extra for play time in the yard?
    No. While many kennels do charge extra for exercise time, play time, and cuddle time, we do not. How often and how long your pup will have time out in the exercise yard is entirely dependent on the weather and how busy the kennel is. We strive to be fair with regard to time and treat each dog as our own.
  • Does my dog play with other dogs in the exercise yard?
    While socialization is important for dogs, we find it is best suited for controlled situations attended by the dogs owner, and so we do not mix dogs while they are here with us. We find this provides the greatest peace of mind for our customers, the greatest safety for their dogs, and minimizes the chances of harm.
  • Do you charge extra for administering medications?
    No. While many kennels do charge for administration of medications or other special needs, Til Mar does not. We regard this as a basic need of you family member and it is included in the standard nightly rate.
  • Do you use any harsh chemicals to clean?
    No. We strongly believe in keeping it as simple and natural as possible when it comes to cleaning the kennel and maintaining the grounds. We do not use herbicides or pesticides on the kennel grounds, and we use only diluted germicidal bleach and dawn to clean inside. Outside runs are washed daily and power washed weekly. Ozone is used weekly to sterilize the kennel while pups are outside.
  • What vaccines, tests, and paperwork are necessary for boarding?
    Owners are required to present proof of the following vaccines at least two weeks prior to boarding. Rabies DHPP (Distemper) 6-Month Bordetella Negative Stool Sample within last 12 Months New customers will also be required to complete a Customer Intake Form
  • What should we bring with?
    Required: Food, in an air-tight container Medications, if applicable Record showing state mandated vaccines administered within past year, and at least one week prior to boarding. Optional: Bed or Blanket Favorite Toys Favorite Treats
  • What are the hours?
    Monday through Saturday: 6:30 - 8:00 AM 1:00 - 3:00 PM 6:30 - 8:00 PM Sunday: 6:30 - 8:00 AM 6:30 - 8:00 PM NOTE: Outside of these hours the gate is closed. Holiday Hours are as follows: New Years Day - Afternoon Shift Closed Easter Sunday - Afternoon Shift Closed Mother's Day - Afternoon Shift Closed Memorial Day - Afternoon Shift Closed Father's Day - Afternoon Shift Closed Independence Day - Afternoon Shift Closed Labor Day - Afternoon Shift Closed Halloween - Evening Shift Closed Thanksgiving Day - Evening Shift Closed Christmas Eve - Evening Shift Closed Christmas Day - Afternoon Shift Closed New Years Eve - Evening Shift Closed Winter Break: The kennel is closed every year from January 7th - 31st for general maintenance, repairs, improvements, and rest.
  • Can I come 30 minutes late?
    Please don't ask us to open early or stay open later than our set hours. We put in long hours every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and look forward to our 'after hours' family time. Based on feedback, we believe the set hours are very accommodating and certainly do appreciate your understanding of this strict policy. Please keep in mind that traffic is unpredictable so be sure to leave a little extra time for delays on your drop off or pick up.
  • What forms of payment are accepted?
    We Accept: Cash Check All major credit and debit cards Apple Pay Android Pay Cash App NOTE: There is a $50 Charge for bounced checks NOTE: There is a 3% Charge for Credit Cards & Digital Payments


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