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A Message From Mary

     As hard as the last few years have been, my search for there perfect person to carry on the kennel business is now a reality. Andrew purchased the business and property on November 1st, 2022. We have been training together for the last two months and I can tell you without hesitation that your dogs and cats and goats and pigs and birds and fish and rabbits and hamsters and turtles and even mice are in great (if not better) hands than mine. Andrew has my same passion, desire, knowledge, ability, and love for animals and I spotted it immediately. Please welcome him knowing I trust him with my very own dogs. That is not something I take lightly as your dogs have always been like my very own.


     My love and passion for the kennel for nearly 20 years has been a blessing and I am honored to be the one you trusted and chose for your beloved pets. As for me, I am way too young to retire, so I hope to volunteer or pick up a part time job in the pet industry (if I hadn't moved so far, it would have been with Andrew!). Thank you for your business, friendship, conversations, family updates, and love; I felt it. It's too hard to say goodbye, so.. See Ya Next Time!




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